Hygienic standards against Covid19


antica dimora giardini segreti salento hygienic standards against covid19

We help protect the health of our guests by blocking one night before and after each booking, in order to facilitate the timely application of sanitation and cleaning protocols.

We closely monitor the developments of COVID-19 around the world and, in particular, the issuance of specific provisions by the Government Authority, favoring coherent cancellation policies.

Cleaning and disinfection are two distinct operations - both necessary to reduce the risk of contamination - that our staff has been trained to perform with professionalism and accuracy and with the use of disinfectant products.

We provide "courtesy" protective masks, hand sanitizer, enough antibacterial soap for proper hygiene of guests and anyone with access to the property, entrances and other key points, also advising to wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

We adopt social distancing policies during check-in and check-out and during any other interactions with guests, staff and the local community, urging everyone to minimize these interactions.

We inform guests about:

  • - what they can do to contribute to prevention;
  • - what to do if symptoms of the virus occur (indicating the local Centers for the prevention and control of diseases);
  • - how to follow the instructions of the local authorities;
  • - how to request medical assistance in case of need.